Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Freaks Come Out In The Daytime...

How was everybody's weekend?? Mine? Oh, glad you asked...


I was so ready to take the babies out, have them experience some culture, participate in a philanthropic event. But N was all like "My stomach hurts" and they wanted to watch a Kate & Allie marathon. 2-1 vote. So we stayed in and watched the damn Kate & Allie marathon.

I rue the day I ever introduced them to that show! Thank goodness we only have one more season left to watch before we're done.


This time, I wanted no excuses, and the Democratic process was thrown out the window. They each had a chore to complete by 1PM because we were going to the MERMAID PARADE at Coney Island. And if you're not familiar with the parade and it's history, freakin' Google it, OK? What I look like, Encyclopedia Brown?

Anyway, we went to the parade and, well, saw parade stuff. See:

Afterwards, we rode the Wonder Wheel

N and her DAMN crazy eyes strike again!

Here's the thing on top of the haunted house ride that I refer to as "Uncle Pete"

View from the top of the Wheel

Then we watched some boardwalk action

...this band from the Brownsville Recreation Center was pretty cool

see them here:

the girls seem not very enthused, but in their defense it was crazy hot! The band, however, was on point! Did I ever mention how much I love marching bands? No? Well I do!

(Check out the hateration in my voice on this video... and K giggling in the background... I'm SUCH a bad influence on my own kid!)

And finally, I spent MORE money on non-work clothes

(Had to stretched this one so you could read it LOL)

It was a GOOD TIME, though. We ate fried shrimp, corn on the cob, cotton candy; sat and people watched; overheard some PRicans exchange info on some hot acts coming soon to a venue near me (Marc Anthony, Eddie Palmieri, Johnny Pacheco...what? I'm SOOO there!!); and saw one of those little planes advertising BOY GEORGE at Terminal 5 in August. I am there as well...

The best part was that I FINALLY took my "Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder" T-shirt out for a spin, and no one threw red paint on me. Score ONE for the carnivores!


Mari Boogerface was in town, so the girls and I met her and Mami in the city for some quick shoe shopping and an early dinner at El Quijote, where N traded me her crabcake for almost half of my steamed mussels, and we had the tastiest coconut sorbet EVER! It was crazy expensive but whatever- you only live once!

On the way home, the babies and I deciced to walk a bit before we hopped on the train (thunderstorm warning be damned!) and came across a stickball game on 19th Street. A real live stickball game (pic isn't so great because DUDE in black got in my shot and then my battery died!)!

GOD- I *heart* this city so much!

Then, of course, came the rains. We still walked it to West 4th, because we're hard-core like that. Even stopped by a street fair over by Sheridan Square, but I suppose the rain gods meant business because it started to POUR and they were like, "Look, bitch. Get thee to a subway PRONTO." So we did.

And when we got home, K made cake. In an effort to NOT gain another 15 pounds, I took a nap while she was baking it. Only to have 2 slices of its fluffy goodness when I inevitably woke up at 10:30PM.

*smooches...really hoping we can save Coney Island*
that place won't be the same without Astroland Park!!