Monday, June 16, 2008

OOPS I Did It Again...

I'll admit it- I have a slight tattoo addiction. As in, after I got the first one and couldn't walk right for two weeks because the residual pain was so bad, I thought I'd stop. But no, shortly after the pain subsided I started planning for number two.

And today, with no real agenda on my plate after meeting with my newly contracted webmaster... I got another one.

While sitting in Bryant Park afterwards, trying not to think of that burning feeling on my side as my nerve endings reminded me that "OUCH MOTHERFUCKER! TATTOOS HURT!" I wrote this little piece in my notebook... an homage to my new baby.

#3: Gemini.

This astrological sign fits me perfectly ... I am my own twin.

Some days you'll find Raquel and she's on task and she's fun and just A-OK.

But on other days you'll find her and she doesn't like people. Period. She doesn't want to be bothered. And if it weren't for the legal ramifications of it, she'd stab you in the neck for no apparent reason except maybe the shoelaces on your Chuck's were untied...

I wonder which Raquel I am today?

*smooches...already planning for number four*
don't worry; I'm not going to become one of those crazy tattoo'd up ladies. just three more to go and I'll be done