Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monopoly, Anyone?

My babies bought me the cutest gift as a belated mother's day/birthday gift: the Brooklyn version of Monopoly.

It's the sweetest thing ever!

Game pieces include the BK Bridge, the Coney Island Wonder Wheel and a baseball cap, and some of the properties include BAM, Atlantic, Bedford and Franklin Aves, and the uber-expensive Coney Island and Brooklyn Bridge.

Did I mention it's the cutest?? EVER??

So, you're all invited to come over and play like we got money to buy real estate... BYOB, but I'll provide the vittles.

Speaking of babies, did I ever mention how hard it is to get N ready in the morning? No? Well look at what I have to deal with on a regular:

And did I ever mention how much they get a kick out of my underwear? I've never seen two people so enthralled with undergarments in my life! I let K borrow my camera, and when I got it back I found this:

I can't even be mad... I do believe Irene has a picture of me doing the EXACT same thing...

*smooches...feeling a bit better about this mom role the older they get*
the first game we played lasted too long, and had to be interrupted to be continued at a later date. IT'S STILL IN PROGRESS! these girls are addicted AND competitive. chips off the old block...