Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HUMBLED!...And Other Musings...

Love the picture posts, eh? Well, here's another (but, sorry- no boob shots this time *wink*).

Isn't He Dead?
Saw this sticker, more than once, on the city streets:

What does that mean? Why has the posse formed? Are they dangerous? Should I be worried? ANDRE! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME???

A Brown AND Black Pair
Some homeless dude just hit the jackpot on MacDonald and Albermarle:

These shoes were just siting outside the Foodtown. Just sitting there. No owners in sight. Unless they were invisible. OMG- INVISIBLE MEN IN LOAFERS!! IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!! I have to move...

We Ate Their Faces Off
These cupcakes:

were a hit at N's school fair. And I wonder HOW I gained this recent weight. HMPH! Damn bunny rabbit cupcake and its damn marshmallow teeth...

That's RACIST!
Why come the Dominican chicken gotta be "NEGRO" AND have a typo

but the Ecuadorian one is all fancy with cilantro! I'm boycotting!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!

So I've billed myself as the Dominican Julia Childs a few times. Except, yesterday morning I tried to poach an egg

...and it didn't quite work out.


The Only Way To Fix It Is To Start Over
See this woman here:

She kept doing that to her hair like every 30 seconds the WHOLE TIME we were on the train. Stuck between stations because of ANOTHER signal problem at Bergen St. I was so annoyed by her fruitless grooming efforts that I almost went off on her. I seriously had to hold back!

Gold Capri Stretch Pants?

Who was the GENIUS who green-lit the GOLD CAPRI STRETCH PANTS? I have a bitch slap right here with his name on it. What's worse is that she paired it with BLACK STOCKINGS.

What the hell, lady? I just threw up a little in my mouth...

*smooches...armed and dangerous with my camera phone*
don't ever act a fool in front of me, stranger or not, because I take my phone everywhere, and I'm not afraid to take pictures with it, either!!