Wednesday, October 17, 2007

R.I.P., Mr. Baseball

Despite my hardcore Jadedness, it's always hard for me to cut someone completely out of my life. I'm a very empathetic person (I am, dammit!) and would hate to be kicked to the curb, so I try really hard not to have to go there with people, giving them chance after chance after chance. But some people just can't (or won't) be rehabilitated, and that's when I have to give them the boot.

Such is the case with Mr. Baseball.

I met him in January 2006, and in the beginning (as it always goes) he was cool people. We started hanging out and then became intimate, but then I met someone new who I liked better and asked me to stop seeing other people, so in April 2006 I told Mr. Baseball I just wanted to be friends. And that was fine with him.

We spoke once in a blue moon, and many times I hijacked his big screen TV to watch Degrassi or for my John Cusack movie marathons when he worked the late shift, using his Park Slope studio as a hideout when I wanted to escape my own crazy world for a bit.

But lately, more often than not, I've been noticing what a negative person he is, and how he likes to talk down to me and sometimes catches a pretty nasty little attitude with me. Unprovoked!

Today we met for lunch after not hanging out or seeing one another for almost a month, and it was the same thing- within a millisecond of meeting up he starts in with his flippant attitude, and it seriously took all my strength and composure to not turn around and just go back up to my office. However, I don't like to cause a scene in public so I didn't. But if ever there was a drink-in-your-face moment, that was it.

So just now, before I started typing this, I sent him his Dear Mr. Baseball email. Callous and cowardly, I know, but whatever. I'm too through with that fool, so an email is all I had time for.

And I tell you what- if The Haitian (previously known as Mr. DJ) don't start acting right, he's next!!

*smooches...deleting a name from my little black book*
(no poem for this post...
not in the mood)