Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Gonna Be A Girl For, Like, A Minute

So you all know that every year I go to LA for L's birthday, and every year we try to do it up. This year she is really working it, arranging for the party to take place in a swanky Beverly Hills hotel. And I just know that what I have in my closet will NOT suffice.

Sure, my bargain finds are okay for New York, where your clothes don't really matter so much as how you wear them, but in LA it's all about the labels. It's not what you wear but who you wear.

On that note, I did a quick search of my favorite designer, Ms. Nicole Miller, and came up with these two beauties as a possibility for the LA trip...

This strapless number for $420.00 (will the twins behave in this outfit? Do they ever?):

Or this flow-y number with the great print for $475.00:

And of course, no outfit on the LA party scene will be complete without a pair of Manolos; these will run me about $555.00:

God...I can't even fathom how many music reviews I will need to write to be able to afford this trip! I might just have to see what I can get on eBay or at Century21!!

*smooches...really mad at my bank account*