Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Can't Stay Mad At You...

Even though I lamented all the know-how I've lost out on by hanging out in Brooklyn, there's no way I can stay mad at my beloved borough.

I chaperoned a school trip for N.'s class to Brooklyn Bridge Park this morning, and the view just reminded me why I put up with my landlord and that damn F-train!

Winter, too cold to write
on the bolts of the beams
in the bridge steel
overlooking whole auroras
of Sangsara sun dusk
down by the Statue of Liberals holding
soon to be lighted
torch to the dim dank
Atlantic famous sky
where Greek ships plow
thru sullen waves of iron
bringing tons of rusty junk
to be pressed into bales
and left on waterfronts
of splinter
I would I were a wave
and had vanished now
than bawl and blot
with pencils in screaming
rooms here on earth
so fool stupid blind