Monday, May 14, 2012

Vanity Post: The Afro Break

I love my curly hair, I really do. We've been feuding my entire life but the love we share is incomparable to any other I've known. But lately I've been longing for my bone-straight, shiny, bouncy, fresh-from-the-Dominicans hair.

So on Saturday night, after a hellish day of working out until I literally dropped, I decided to dust off my blow dryer and hot iron, and did this to my hair:

Courtesy of Raquel's Dominican House of Beauty
The ends are looking pretty scraggily--a definite sign that I need to visit my stylist in Washington Heights for a trim--but overall it's healthy, strong and long.

My straightened hair was Mami's Mother's Day gift
Understand that I've not straightened my hair in over a year. I made a decision to stop killing my locks with heat in an attempt to hide my ethnicity n shit. Yeah, I got a bit too militant about my 'fro--the more my family complained about it the bigger I let my hair get.

However, all "politics" aside, the thing that has always made me appreciate my hair is its versatility. Not many people can go from super big curly afro to silky tresses in an hour without chemicals. I appreciate the curl pattern, texture and strength of every strand of hair on my head. These locks have dealt with Kool-Aid dye jobs, bleached streaks, chemical relaxers, henna coloring and deep conditioning with mayonnaise. Yes, the food product mayonnaise.

And still, here I am, with a full head of strong hair.

That said, I decided to straighten it. No offense to my African ancestors but I think I'll be rocking my Anglicized hair for a bit. At least until it gets too hot to go without wetting my scalp everyday. But I must warn you--my straight hair is wayyyy sluttier than my curly hair. In other words, hold on to your husbands...

*smooches...flipping my hair back and forth*
no, seriously, I was in front of a mirror practicing talking with my hair, then I sat down to a fake interview with Wendy Williams where we discussed my hair for a full seven minutes. I may or may not need help.