Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back, I Guess.

Every time I take a blogging break, I reluctantly come back. Why reluctantly? Because I love not being a slave to this site. Why not just shut down? Because I'm no quitter.

Anyways, we're back- a little tanner, more relaxed, and with a few more reasons to smile. So I won't come back all crunked out as I usually do; instead, a little island love (because it's still on my mind):

Sergio vargas - si algun dia la vez by Junior Abreu

So yeah, the babies' paternal grandmother died and we still haven't dealt with that but eventually will. Instead, we went to Santo Domingo and chilled with family for about five days. I didn't get to see my grandma this time around but it's okay; I don't think I was ready anyway. I visited her sister instead and that helped.

This month I'll just focus on the energy I brought back with me from the island. I know I was born here but really, that place feels more like home to me. Damn shame.

Also, 37 is right around the corner. YIKES!

And I know I'm all over the place; it's still hard to focus. I'm on Santo Domingo time, where the days go much slower than here in Brooklyn. It was lovely. But we'll get into that later. For now, "Hello again. Pull up a chair. Let me share some tales with you..."

*smooches...cruising through a bittersweet homecoming*
you'll please excuse my scattered brain for a few more posts. thanks.