Thursday, May 03, 2012

Maintaining: A Healthy Jaded Update

I'm just going to come out and and admit that I've been lax in my workouts and mindful eating. THERE. I SAID IT. I'm not at yoga and socacize every week the way I used to be. I haven't been to a gym in well over a month and my swim classes ended in late March. Part of it is money (as in, I don't have the cash to pay for all these things anymore) and another is plain old "I don't feel like going!"

My eating has been a bit (okay I'm lying, VERY) out of control, too. Part of that is stress eating and the other is "Fuck it! I want this pizza slice so I'm going to eat the shit out of this pizza slice!" I've even been drinking again, too. It has been a bit of a mess over here.

However, I have continued to walk home from work almost every day (it's about a 40 minute trip) and I take the stairs to my office all the time (it's only the third floor but still; it counts). I also still have mini soca dance parties in my kitchen on random days. And I guess for the time being that's enough to keep the weight I lost from coming back, as evidenced by one of my favorite tees that just last season was too embarrassingly snug to wear out in public:

I flipped the image so you could read my AWESOME shirt!

This is OK for now. It's not where I thought I'd be but I'll take it. And I do have a slew of fitness classes coming up in the very near future so I'm not being a complete lazy lima bean, but I guess I always (still!) thought I had to be working out like mad 24/7 and eating only lettuce and celery sticks in order to stay fit. Turns out that just walking, albeit A LOT of walking, can sometimes be all you need to keep the body from exploding back up to 200lbs. I don't plan on staying here but for now I won't beat myself up or freak out. My clothes fit awesomely so I'm in no rush.

*smooches...refusing to stress over my body*
once you start obsessing over shit is when bad decisions like binging & purging start to look like viable weight loss options!