Friday, May 25, 2012

Junk Food Struggles: A Healthy Jaded Update

I fully acknowledge that, along this fitness struggle, food has been my biggest opponent. While I have nothing against fresh, wholesome foods and love to throw down in the kitchen, I often fall victim to emotional eating. Or rather, I use my emotional state as a crutch or excuse to eat poorly. I can only imagine the bad example I'm setting for my daughters, as demonstrated by yesterday's shopping trip with Thug Boogie.

We're in Foodtown, getting the essentials we needed that were on sale (it was the last day to get almonds at $2.69!!) when we came across the dreaded frozen food aisle. Usually I go to that area, grab some frozen veggies and waffles for the girls and keep it moving. But last night I wanted Buffalo wings. And Jamaican chicken patties. And a Salisbury steak TV dinner.

As I stood there salivating for all the really-bad-for-me-yet-tasty foods, N was cheering me on, encouraging me to chuck all of my senses and healthy eating guidelines and buy all of these salty treats. You may as well know: my kids give nan one fuck about a Paleo lifestyle. Nan. One. Fuck.

But as I heard the eagerness in her voice while she egged me on, I realized how much she sounded like a pusher/addict, and that reminded me how these foods take over your body. All of those additives...if I reintroduce them into my body, it's a wrap; I'll get hooked on them all over again and have to start from scratch. I can't do that! So I fought it and walked away. N was not amused...

ME: Stop tempting me with the devil!

N: Stop resisting the devil! The devil is delicious!!

*smooches...thinking of ways to convert my kids*
I need to tear them away from all these crappy foods!