Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Before I Was Jaded...

...I was Papi's little Cascarita Bermudez, Titi Gloris' Piquito and everybody else's Cuchita. I had chubby cheeks and a pouty mouth, and eyes that always looked ready to cry.

You could always find me not too far away from the kitchen, the TV or my stereo, and at any given time I'd have some 15 books checked out of my local libraries. I loved to swim, had tons of pets and dreamed of being an entertainer.

I looked like this:

And listened to this:

Now I'm here in this place (well not HERE in the know what I mean, dammit) where the words live, and it's beautiful. I'm at peace with who I am, I cherish who I'm becoming everyday and I love what I do in this world.

I appreciate the fragrant flowers growing in my neighbor's front yard and look forward to every walk through the park that I take. I still marvel at the lights in Times Square and get a little bit giddy when I can introduce my daughters to a tiny piece of New York they never knew existed.

My friends are still my friends and they still bring joy to my heart. My family, however tattered since Grandma died, is still the collective unit that has my back no matter what; I'm still their Princess, and no amount of afros or tattoos or risque stories will change that. We've grown and evolved together. Womb to tomb; birth to earth!

I want to say Thank You to everyone who made it easy and possible for me to be me, in this place, where the words live.

Thank Heaven 4 You by esthero

Thirty-seven years never felt this awesome.

* the entire Universe on this most festive occasion*
everyone have a drink for me; I'm in detox mode until Saturday!