Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five Years Of Jadedness

First off, let me once again apologize for having to cancel the Blogiversary Party tonight, but I got too busy and the event I had in mind was slowly but surely falling apart. And I’m the type of person that wants things done right or not at all.

I thank all of you who RSVP’d and had planned on showing up to help me poison my liver with a shot of Jameson. We’ll party another time for another occasion and it will be great and alcohol-laced, I’m sure. *besos*

That said, today, September 15, 2011 marks not only the start of Latino Heritage Month but it’s also the Fifth Year Anniversary of my very first blog post on this site. Click here and read it now. We’ll wait.
Pretty standard Jadedness, right? Well since then you’ve all experienced my highs, lows and in-betweens; my tomfoolery, shenanigans and straight up ghetto coonery; and my pity parties, rants and moments of psychosis. As a cyber-family we’ve survived Reinagate, Twitter and its effect on blogging, and a Black man in the White House (although the latter still remains to be seen!).

It’s all been a pretty crazy time, no? I hope The Jaded NYer has been worth all the hours you’ve spent ruining your eyesight and tarnishing your soul, and if it wasn’t OH WELL. NO ONE TOLD YOU TO KEEP COMING BACK.

I want to thank you for your continued support, readership, friendship, advice, cheers, jeers and co-signage. Here's some soca music to help you get your wine 'n jook on:

May the next five years be just as Jaded. And then some.

*smooches...urging you to put that bumpah in repeat in my honor*
just because I canceled my party doesn't mean Y'ALL can't party for me!