Friday, September 23, 2011

Jaded Stalkers REJOICE...

Blog Café 3.0 is HERE!

That's right- another opportunity to openly stalk yours truly without risk of restraining orders or machetes to the throat.

Technically it's supposed to be a networking event for bloggers and their readers (get those business cards ready, son!) but a little birdy told me there will be free liquor, so...yeah...

This year Blog Café will be held at Wix Lounge, a " work + event space for creative professionals in New York City" near Union Square. Yeah, you read that correctly: FREE WORK + EVENT SPACE. As in show up during business hours (when there aren't events scheduled), plug in your laptop and get to work. No lease, no appointment, no hassle! Do you see why I stay in this City even though it kicks my ass on the regular?

Anyway, if you were looking forward to the Jaded Blogiversary and were pissed when I had to cancel it, show up for Blog Café and I'll get you a free drink :)

Be sure to RSVP by clicking HERE or you won't get to party network with us!

*smooches...hoping to see all of you there*
Blog Café is sponsored in part by and Wix Lounge