Monday, September 19, 2011

"...You Got To Pick 'Em Up Just To Say Hello..."

"Ray J is why you don't fuck with short men. They have fragile feelings."
-Smarty Jones

I am not a gossip blogger and discussing celebrities is not my shtick because, frankly, everybody and their momma has a gossip/celebrity blog where they all talk about the same boring red carpet event and they all go to the same listening parties and they all mix and mingle at the same happy hour with B, C, and D List celebrities and write about it on the same day.

That's not what we do here. On this blog, we make fun of people, and "I PROMISE YOU" this is the only reason I'm linking this radio interview with Brandy's little brother and wannabe singer, rapper, actor, star Ray J.

Apparently he got into a scuffle with another has-been, rapper Fabolous, and then called into The Breakfast Club to stomp his feet, hold his breathe and kick and scream until he could get an extra cookie for dessert or some such bullshit. Click here for the audio.

Oh Ray J, you delusional tiny, tiny man. I get it. Kim K is BALLIN' right now with a tallllllll drink of slow bus water and didn't even bother to pay homage to your penis. And now you feel like the joke of the internets. I get it. It's okay. Here, have a seat. Let me get that cookie for you...

*smooches...thankful for the late-morning chuckle*
dude needs a hug and some anger management. STAT