Thursday, September 29, 2011


On Tuesday, Papi flew back to DR after a two-month stint here in Brooklyn. He was here for K's Sweet Sixteen, Ns 11th and Titi Gloris' 60th birthday dinner, but left before his own 76th.

It occurred to me that Papi has always been there for our major celebrations- birthdays, first communions, baby showers and graduations. When I look back on photos he's always in them, smiling along side us. What would I ever do without that smile?

This summer doctors removed a growth from his face that proved to be cancerous and when I heard Minnie telling me so over the phone my heart dropped. I could feel the panic start to rise in my chest and I kept repeating "NO NO NO" in my head. Thankfully it was only in that one spot, the doctors got all of it and scans confirmed that the melanoma hadn't spread.

So I'm more than ecstatic to be able to write this post, wishing my dad a happy birthday and looking forward to visiting him in the spring for the Caribbean Series in Santo Domingo.

Feliz CumpleaƱos, Papi! And many, many more!

*smooches...just for my dad today*
he wants a big party for his 80th; I'm so glad we'll have that to look forward to. you're all invited!