Monday, August 13, 2007


Guess who graduated?


And guess who actually threw up before delivering her student lecture?

Yup, that's me, too. **Note: orange juice and blueberry muffin is REALLY GROSS to throw up!

And guess who received the COOLEST, MOST FANTABULOUS GRADUATION GIFT from their Mami...c'mon, guess!

ME!!!! My mom gave me this:

A special edition, Greta Garbo Mont Blanc fountain pen. I all but burst when she gave it to me! It's so beautiful: platinum coated, mother-of-pearl, light resin body... I can hardly believe it's really mine. I'm so motivated to write a book now, just so that I can use the pen to a) sign my contracts and b) sign copies for my legions of fans!

Highlights of the day:

Getting through that pinche lecture without completely losing it; I even got some "good job" reassurances from teachers and fellow students.

Finding a cute dress at an even cuter price to wear at graduation.

Sangrias at Legal Seafoods with Deborah (GURL! We did it! We're SOOOOOOO DONE!!!).

Seeing my babies again after so long!

Seeing my family there supporting me!

Meeting some cool new writers.

Special thanks to:

Jack, who did oh so much prep work with me on my paper. Amor, you know I couldn't have done it without you!

L (who doesn't read this but deserves this shout out) for all her encouraging words through out this ordeal, and telling me to keep my eyes on the prize: My books, all NY Times Bestsellers and critically acclaimed, so that we can live bi-coastally and travel the world!

Not so great moments:

Waking up late, having to drag poor Irene to Jersey! (sorry, boo... your liquor gift basket is coming soon!)

Almost having to wear a hideous outfit to graduation.

Wack-ass NJ transit and their non-24hr train schedule!

But hey...guess what?


* offering my freelance writing/editing services at DOUBLE the price*
Nobody knows what life may bring
It might make you happy, it might make you sad
...but I know there’s a reason for everything
That’s why I keep believing
Whatever is meant to be is gonna be