Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Bringing Back "The Gas Face"

Similar to being put "on blast" but not as harsh, because as I've already stated, I'm trying not to bring negativity to your inbox. This post contains only about 37% of my usual negativity...a vast improvement.

Those of you not familiar with old skool hip hop will not know that the gas face was originated by pre-Eminem white rappers 3rd Base (MC Search, Pete Nice and DJ Richie Rich), and they were giving it out to wack MCs who needed to be put in their place.

I know some people who, similarly, are full of wack-ness, and are in desperate need of the gas face. They are:

1. Jack's Cousin, for showing up all coked up to a funeral...people still do coke? Like for real?

2. The Chef, for drunk-emailing me at all hours of the night.

3. C...he knows what he did!

4. Mother Nature, for the crappy Labor Day forecast I'm getting for my Montauk trip.

5. Me, for procrastinating at work and then getting mad for being swamped, "all of a sudden," with shyt to do.

*smooches...from the original Brooklyn Queen*
Season's must change
Separate paths/separate ways
If we blame it on anything
Let's blame it on the rain