Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some Trees Fall in Brooklyn

It's bad enough being woken up at 5:30 by a LOUD ASS rainstorm, and then waking up late as a result, on the day I promised myself Id be on time for work, but finding a posse of displaced F-Train riders on the corner of Albermarle and McDonald really shook me to the core.
"What the fuck?" I asked a small Asian woman in front of the Foodtown.

"Train broken."

Broken! I couldn't believe my ears. I thought Bloomberg was on top of this shit...how could my only means into Manhattan be broken?

I walked over to Church Ave. Surely the Albermarle folks were mistaken. I had total faith that the Church Avenue crew would have the real skinny on how I was gonna get to work. I mean, normally I wouldn't give a rats ass 'bout getting to work, but I had an important deadline I had to meet. So my train was NOT ALLOWED to be broken.

At Church Avenue I found the same nonsense, except that the train was not broken, just flooded and seriously delayed because the nearby trains (D,Q, etc) were not running and we were getting all the refugees on the F line.

I called Irene for help and we devised a plan to get me to the BK Bridge, where I'd walk into Manhattan and then catch a cab or a train or bus the rest of the way to work. Which was a sweet deal except the buses that went to the bridge weren't coming.

Then I hear rumblings and rumors of an elusive "express bus" that, for $3 extra dollars, will get me into the City. I followed the rumblers and, lo and behold, the express bus into Midtown... that stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY JOB!!! How sweet was that??

But I also found this mess- a downed tree, that was apparently mimicked throughout the nabe. MY NABE! Then I heard stuff like "tornado" and "severe flooding" and all I could think was: God, don't let this be the end... I haven't met John Cusack yet...

In the end, I was only an hour late to work, and I got to take a wicked cool nap in my comfy seat of the comfy express bus from heaven. Not bad for a brush with a natural disaster, eh?!

*smooches...soooo glad I still have time to meet John...or do I?*
It's the end of the world as we know it
And I feel fine...