Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gone So Long: A Placeholder Post

Never in a million years did I imagine that my self-imposed hiatus would be so relaxing that I'd actually consider SHUTTING DOWN THIS BLOG. But it was and I did. Those were my exact thoughts:'s so nice to not have to be witty today...maybe I'll never go back...maybe I'll just shut it down.

Then a series of things happened in the days since that thought infected my every waking moment, which, since I'm an insomniac, is like 20 hours out of the day, that made me think, WHOA! Shut it down? That's crazy troll logic!!!

1. My job became really unbearable. Not because anybody is mean or crazy, or because I don't like my job, but because I cannot function for too long in a 9-5 situation and I've just now accepted it. My only way out of the rat race is to write my way out of it. So to stop blogging now, when it appears that blogging is the future of news/information/literature, would be career suicide.

2. I made a string of poor relationship choices in the past few weeks because I knew I wasn't blogging and wouldn't have to cop to it. This site serves as a sort of a morality police for me, and without it I'm hanging out in bars til 3AM and making out with guys at the 7th Avenue F-train station. Hypothetically, of course. And stop rolling your eyes, Irene! I saw that!!!

3. I sat in on Deborah's grad lecture at school. And when we hung out afterwards, I remembered that words are my life. How stupid of me to even think about cutting words out of my life, even if it is in a self-serving blog.

4. A crazy rain storm and tornado attacked my neighborhood. A serious freakin' tornado!! Uprooted trees, flooded the subways, baffled me and my neighbors. How could I not share that with you all??

5. I graduate in 2 days. From graduate school. With a graduate degree. Did I mention that I graduate in 2 days?

6. I hired a housekeeper. She'll be working for me once a month. It's so G.D. bourgeois of me that I can feel my street cred diminishing as I type it. But DAMMIT, I'm busy!! And everybody else throws money at their problems, why can't I????? Never mind that I don't HAVE money...please, honey, don't bother my pretty little head with those kinds of details...

7. I've gained some weight. Not enough that it's incredibly noticeable. But enough that I no longer feel comfortable naked. Enough that a few pieces of underwear purchased after my weight loss are starting to fit "snugly" against my bum, accentuating my ever growing belly. Because I'm stress eating. Because I haven't been pouring out my emotions in my blog.

8. Chocolate Rain. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't introduce you to this YouTube ridiculousness? If for no other reason, I have to keep this blog open to bring you crap like this:

9. A doctor in DR claimed to have the cure for AIDS. And the ridiculousness that ensued after he made this claim is just too good to keep to myself.

10. The mystery of Wayne "Stalker" Carter is close to being solved. And of course, there is no way I can allow that story to unfold without you guys being in on it.

So all of these convinced me to keep this blog going. I mean right there I have ten posts on the burner, waiting for all those savory quips and puns that will turn them into the deliciousness that Not Just Some Sniveling Girl is known for.

That and the fact that while I was typing this post I got goosebumps. That old feeling came back. The one I used to get when I had some juicy tidbits to share and couldn't wait to tell ya'll.

I mean, who am I kidding? This blog is a labor of love. And long after you all stop reading/caring about/enjoying it, I'll probably still be here complaining about the crazy old lady next door who calls me "Lady" and guilts me into doing small chores for her. Wrinkly old biddy!

*smooches...damn, I miss writing that!*
cada dia pienso en ti
pienso un poco mas en ti
cada vez que sale el sol
busco en algo el valor
para continuar asi


Everyday I think of you,
I think a little bit more of you;
Every time that the sun comes out
I look for a bit of courage
to continue this way