Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let Me Explain These Life Changes Real Quick

So last week I told y'all about the 14-Day Get Yo' Shit Together Challenge I started and what my goals were, but I failed to mention some guidelines for said challenge in case others wanted to participate and change something in their life. Since I already wrote it out for myself and then again for Mari via BBM, here are the basics to getting started on a brand new, fabulous you:

1- Determine your problem/what keeps you from not being in order. For me it's instant gratification. I'd rather have fun now and work later, except I never end up working later and end up wayyy behind on stuff. It's a terrible habit that I am working on changing because it not only affects the way I keep house but also how I approach relationships (romantic and otherwise).

2- Figure out a good ATTAINABLE schedule for yourself. I'm only giving myself 3 chores or less a day, that way it's less daunting than, say, WASH ALL CLOTHES TODAY. Anyone that's ever seen the amount of laundry in my apartment knows what a task that would be, so instead I kept it simple- two loads a day for the entire two weeks. That's small and easy and doable.

3- Place your to do list where you are sure to not ignore it. I'm a visual person so I will have it sticky'd to my computer. Figure out a good place to post your own goals so you won't forget them.

4- Decide what's truly important right now. I kept putting things that could wait ahead of things that were more urgent. Like, I'd buy a new hairbrush instead of washing the old one out because mine was looking EH when really I should have put that money into the gas bill. And if you've ever shopped at Ricky's you know- you go in there for a hairbrush and you leave with about 20 other things you didn't need. Now there's no Christmas because I just had to have a button warning people that I was off my meds. Priorities; I'm trying to learn what that word really means.

5- Do not take on extra work if you get done early with the daily task. Relax with some ME time so you can rejuvenate for the next day's TO DO LIST. Trust me- some people will be all, "Why put off until tomorrow..." Do me a favor and smack that person in the face right now. You need rest. Don't deprive yourself of it like I've done my whole life. It's not fun, at all. What I wouldn't give to be able to relax for once in my life. I actually have to teach myself how to relax...ain't that some shit?

Those are the rules in a nutshell. If you think you need more guidance or one-on-one help, don't call me until after December 14th. My calender is fully booked until then.

*smooches...determined on becoming a better, cooler more rested me*
...or die trying...