Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Be Thankful, Yo!

Our biggest challenge wasn't me roasting a chicken even though I'm grossed out by the sight of a dead piece of poultry, or the clogged sink that decided to act brand new since last night, or the three field mice set loose in the living room when Mami tried to use the pool's wet-vac to fix the sink's clog.

It wasn't the apple pie that spilled over in the oven and filled the kitchen with smoke and set off the fire alarm, or our dinner guests who missed their bus and couldn't join us for dinner, or our other guests showing up an hour early when we were still cooking and looking a hot mess.

The biggest challenge of the night, hands down, was trying to fit all the leftovers in Mami's already crowded refrigerator.

But we're ever so thankful that too much food is our main concern tonight, and that each and every one of the aforementioned challenges were solved via family teamwork.

Here's hoping your holiday was just as fulfilling.


* stuffed I can barely see*
I seriously wish you could have seen how we finally trapped these mice *SMH* We were a hot mess, but we got 'em!