Tuesday, November 09, 2010

He Feeds My Ego

I know we're not meant to be together. He annoys me more often than not and frankly, I don't desire him.

But he dotes on me, makes me feel wanted, like, well, I'm the only girl in the world.

It's terrible that I string him along like this, I know. Do you think I like being THIS kind of bitch? It's not me, it's my Ego. She likes the attention. She craves it like an addict. And when she gets that way it's just best to give her what she wants.

This will end badly- you think I don't know that? It will all blow up in my face one day and all I'll be left with is a vault of money I can dive into like Scrooge McDuck, but no man. No soul mate. Just sad and alone on my throne in my Jaded Empire. And that will be fine for a few years, I mean hell, it's fine now, but one day... one day the loneliness will be unbearable.

All because I let my Ego make that phone call and get his hopes up that maybe I was coming back to him.

Y'all...I ain't shit...

*smooches...hating the me that behaves this way
I'm gonna stop. I am. This isn't healthy. I promise, I'll stop for real. For real.