Monday, November 08, 2010

If You've Given Up On Radio, Too

It's Monday Musings tiiiiiiime! (Yes, when I wrote that, I was saying it in my head in the same annoying way Pauly D would announce T-shirt Time on Jersey Shore. I watch Trash TV. Deal with it!) And tonight I'm really excited about the topic...MUSIC!

Y'all already know I was a mega-super-star in a former life, and I do have my eye on a lusciously yummy Grammy, so yeah, we're doing this: The Jaded Indie Music Special!

Just as we did with the Evolution of Hip Hop series, I plan to chat it up with various independent artists, producers, etc about the music industry, how it's changing (for better or worse) and how the indie scene fits in with allllll that.

And thanks to segment producer Smarty P. Jones, we're heading to the Dirrrrrty South first with a peek into the lives on producer Brad Taylor (who, by the way, provided this year's Jaded Theme Music!), promoter Empress Journee and artist Ozy Reigns.

I don't want anyone to worry, though- just because we're inviting professional people on the show, there WILL be tomfoolery and shenanigans and things the FCC would rather I didn't say. Especially as I put on my homewrecker hat and seduce Brad over the air...wait- did I just say that out loud??

*smooches...getting the show back on the road*
so sorry for all the breaks, but, well, you know...