Friday, November 12, 2010

Inappropriate BBMs, Vol. 4

Technically, this conversation took place in GChat, but you don't just want the dirt, dontcha?!

ME: The hair. It has magical powers, you know.

FRIEND: Yes, yes, I know. People want to make sweet love to your bouncy curls.

ME: Ewwww! Why did I just get a visual of semen in my hair? Again? Hehehe

FRIEND: LMAO! Ewww! You gotta time it- wait. I’ve said too much.


FRIEND: But for the record, tuck and roll.

ME: Time it or swallow it. According to Kat Stacks :)


Tuck and roll, tho?

FRIEND: Don’t you ever fucking quote Kat Stacks to me again, you hear me?

ME: Oh, this made the blog for sure!

*smooches...taking applications for new friends*
because the ones I have ain't shit, for real! lol