Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I’m What’s Known As A Halloween Grinch.

I don’t like dressing up, I don’t like trick-or-treaters and I hate going out when the entire City is also out and about. Basically, I hate doing what everyone else is doing. You say white I’m going to say orange, just to be difficult.

But this year I relented because it was my cousin’s birthday and he was DJ-ing at a spot on E. Houston. It took me forever to actually get motivated to leave Brooklyn because I was nursing my ego after being rejected by yet ANOTHER literary magazine, but I grabbed a partner in crime and got there at about 1AM. My costume? I dressed as a 35-year-old mother of two who was ripped from her comfy couch and Law & Order: SVU marathon to deal with drunken fools in the street *side eye*

At first I was annoyed because the trains were acting up and then THIS:

But once I got to the bar I met up with a cute, flirty bouncer, another cousin was there, too, and then THIS:

And this:

Aaaaannnnnnnnd THIS:

It was allllll downhill from there.

This dude in the glasses kept staring at me all night!

My cousin Will and his crazy wig n disco shirt!

Will's YUMMY friend. The things I woulda done to that boy...
um, I mean, he was a nice guy O_o



The white DJ who actually played some good stuff.

The world's oldest condom...

What was left of my buffalo wings at the end of the night.

I got home at 7AM. Need I say more?

*smooches...still tired from Saturday night*
I think my body was so tired that it summoned my period a whole week early to punish me!