Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Of Us Have REAL Problems

Many of us are desperately looking for work to make ends meet. Others are dodging bill collectors. There are people with advance degrees on public assistance and beautiful, lavish homes being sold below market value because the owners have been slapped in the face with financial issues.

There are people dealing with chronic illnesses in their family and themselves, and our young people are dying or being incarcerated en masse. Nations around the world are experiencing natural disasters that I think are one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse.

But THESE TWO BITCHES wanna be crying it up on TV with fucking anorexia because when they get fat (i.e. no longer see their rib cages) it makes them feel bad about themselves.

You know what makes me feel bad about myself? Not being able to feed my kids. Or having to dodge my landlord. Or knowing how I've pissed my life away watching the world pass me by and not taking chances when I really should have.

Not being able to see my ribcage? Yeah, that barely makes the list. But I guess since you were born with all this White Privilege and couldn't possibly want for anything tangible, not being able to see your ribcage must be very, very upsetting.

*stank face*

Give me a fucking break!

At time like this, when I want to jump into the computer monitor and beat someone senseless, it's best for me to just pick up a book and forget that TV exists...

*smooches...moving on from intervention until the junkies come back*
give me some crack addicts and meth heads--I love them! These anorexic bitches, tho, not so much.