Friday, September 24, 2010

Kenny Says It'll Be Alright

Friday is here, and after my first full week of working again I can honestly say, "Ahhhh, Weekend, you slimy whore! Where have you been all my life?" I love what I'm doing, honestly, but a sistah is TIRED!! I need sleep. And wings. And *BLEEP*

I guess I'm just looking forward to a weekend when I'm not freaking out about what didn't get paid or what food I will be able to afford this week or who's going to knock on my door looking for their money. Right when I was at my breaking point, finally, some hope.

And just in time for the new TV season, too! Have a fabulous weekend!!

*smooches...excited to be able to hold on to my apartment*
I'm not a religious person, but I can appreciate divine intervention when I see it. I promise to lay off the Pope jokes until 2011!