Thursday, September 23, 2010

So I'm Doing This Work Thing Again

At the 25th hour, right when I was going to have to swallow my pride and ask my mom if I could move in with her because my landlord was done being benevolent and understanding about the rent, I managed to snag a temporary gig that, depending on how long it lasts, will keep me afloat until at least Christmas. I hope.

And it's actually a writing/editing gig that so far I'm enjoying. My commute is super easy (it's right here in Brooklyn) and the people are nice and I'm surrounded by literature all day long- it couldn't be more perfect if John Cusack were in the next cubicle!

With this stay of execution, I'm really working hard to not make my usual money mistakes, which means I have to train myself to be miserly and act like every check is my last. Because let's face it- with a temporary gig that is truly possible. The client anticipates this need only to find, "...hmmm, we actually don't need an extra person for that long so thanks for playing and good luck with life."

Initially I was like "YES! Now I can meet my friends at Happy Hours and hang on the weekends and go to Boston..." but thankfully one of The Voices reigned me in and reminded me that this is a TEMPORARY job. So I'm still going to be turning down invites, etc, to things that will cost me money because regardless of the weekly paycheck I will now be getting, I have to hold on to the "I don't have the money to go out like that" mentality. My priority has to be my kids in this scenario. I've done a fair share of partying-- it won't kill me to sit this one out for a bit.

That said, I now find that I need more time in the day for all the Jaded Empire things I've been working on during my unemployment. Or a clone. Or a(n) slave intern. But how do I get one of those? I asked y'all about it once before and no one gave me any ideas or advice. Maybe you thought I was joking? Well, I'm serious: I NEED AN INTERN. How do I go about doing that?

Listen, either help me out or this whole FIVE YEAR PLAN goes straight to shit!

*smooches...too busy to even blog*
can you believe it? I might have to take a break or something...