Thursday, September 16, 2010

Say You Knew Me When

This summer I decided to start contributing to a friend's online publication, XI Magazine. The clips on my resume were old, I had been buried in Public Relations mode for too long and the site looked cool, so I started taking on assignments and pitching story ideas.

Last week I was privy to a listening event for Carlos Santana's new CD, "Guitar Heaven," and the subsequent review I wrote got noticed by all the right people (special shout out to my homie, the very talented and sexy photographer Marcin Kaliski who came with me, last minute, and took some great shots of the event). I got word that the article will be featured/added to Carlos Santana's website, facebook, etc, and I almost fell out of my seat. Like, important muckity muck types, and hopefully Santana himself, will be seeing this article. It was enough to make my day.

It's no secret I'm going THROUGH it right now; shit just ain't right at Casa Jaded and I honestly don't know how I'm maintaining and if I will come out of this in one piece. That bit of recognition did so much for me and my ego...they'll never know how much.

Thank you to everyone at XI Magazine for the opportunity to contribute, and the awesome folks associated with the listening party I attended who had the foresight to pass the link on to the staff over at Sony Music. I'm going to hold on to this victory for at least a couple of weeks!

*smooches...proud to be "just a writer"*
and you can read the article HERE... it is pretty amazing if I do say so myself.