Monday, September 06, 2010

1,000 Blog Posts? Where's My Moscato?!

Hello, readers old & new- do you know what you're reading right now? My 1,000th BLOG POST!

Goddamn I talk a lot!

Can you believe we're here already? Here- have a glass with us

At first I wanted to Rock Out with my Cock Out today to celebrate because it just so happens September marks the fourth anniversary of The Jaded NYer, but I'm already plotting something special for the FIFTH anniversary so that killed any party talk. Plus it's the holiday weekend, and BK is overrun with drunk & sleep-deprived West Indians right now. Perfect time for me to stay home and finish nursing the cold that tried to end my life.

Most importantly, when I read over the posts I've written since the 500th blog post celebration I realized what a dark turn this site has taken- depression, suicide, unemployment, poverty...UGH! Why reminisce on shit that I would really rather forget and never speak of again? Let's just say it's been a HARD year and a half sprinkled with some goodness in between and leave it at that. Deal?

I do want to take a minute to thank everyone for reading, especially the handful of loyals that have actually read all 1,000 of my brain droppings (I skimmed through them this morning...those be A LOT of words, yo!) since 2006. You are appreciated. Your wacked out sense of humor, your contributions to my crazy, your encouragement of and enthusiasm for all things Jaded will serve you well when I rule the world. Trust.

I've been having a bad day for the last 500 posts. I have. And I'm sorry if my super-long-bad-day has impeded in any way on your awesome day. When I initially envisioned this post I had so many bells and whistles planned, but this blog isn't about that. We're about words and realness over here. The next time you see an extravaganza on these pages it will be for something grander than the 1,000 reasons I have for not moving forward in life.

That said, I'm about to get showered and dressed and hang with my family on this beautiful Labor Day. However I will leave you with something pretty to glide you into the 4-day work week ahead (if you're lucky enough to have a job, that is); some loveliness from the woman that used to adorn the post-scripts to all my words.

1,000 posts. Mazel Tov to me. *throws confetti*

"Don't forget to have a good time..."

* all of you for putting up with me*
may the next 1,000 be a little more chipper...please?