Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Jaded School Of Parenting: Teachable Moments

You've heard me use the phrase both on this site and on my radio show: teachable moments. It's a phrase I picked up during my brief stint at The Waco School for Girls and has stuck with me. It basically means seizing the opportunity to teach a kid a lesson at the moment it needs to be taught.

For example- you're watching a movie or TV show with your child, and on the screen is a misbehaving child. At that very moment- no matter how engrossed you are with the program- you turn to your child, point out the bad behavior, explain why it's bad, and let them know the consequences of them partaking of the naughtiness.

It's not really rocket science and can happen anywhere: at the market, on public transportation, at the playground (OOOH! Especially at the playground!) or in the mall. There is no shortage of bad ass kids in this world with which you can model behavioral (and parenting) expectations with your kids, just to let them know what isn't acceptable at home. I do it all the time and I know it's one of the reasons I haven't had any major issues with my daughters who, by nature, should be pulling the "I HATE YOU!" routine on me by now.

But they know better; Mommy don't play that shit, and they know this because I take advantage of 87% of the teachable moments that cross my path.

Just a little FYI and parenting tip from me to you. Pass it on to someone who needs it.

*smooches...playing the village for bad ass kids everywhere*
I'm not trying to have my purse snatched by your ne'er-do-well rugrats