Thursday, September 02, 2010

Jaded School Of Parenting: Bitch You Got Babies!

This is another installment of the #WomanLaw series started by members of the Social Media Mafia Bangs and a Bun, The F$%k-it List, Smarty P. Jones and myself.

I chose this topic because it ties in with my parenting class series that I started on Monday Musings 2 seasons ago, helping the clueless parents of the world get their shit together.

But today, let me just address the mothers out there who, on a daily basis, forget that they are supposed to be a positive influence and role model in their children's lives. A little something I like to call, "Bitch! You got babies!"

Yes, I'm talking to you, at the club almost every night, booty-tootin' for the cameras in your see-through leggings and "5-Star Chick" tattoo across your chest.

And you, bringing home man after man after man, not being discrete about your hoenastics of taking precautions as to whom you allow around your babies.

And you, damn near 40 but still starting and partaking of fights in the streets like you're in Junior High School.

And especially you, proudly announcing to the internets all of your sexual exploits with sub-par rappers, the money they pay you for said exploits and inviting violence and danger into your life.

All you bitches need to remember that you're in charge of another human being's life, and when you decided to carry your pregnancy to term you also signed up to give that new life the proper guidance and nourishment- both physical and emotional- that it needed. To strut around now talking about, "He grown, he can take care of himself," and the boy is 10 with no daddy figure... *sigh* you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

I'm less concerned with YOUR happiness and more so with the potential purse-snatcher and co-ed rapist you're raising, or the teen mom/gang girl my tax dollars will soon be responsible for. YOU don't matter as much once that baby comes into play. You need to adjust your situation to make sure that your kids have the best opportunities to succeed in life. They didn't ask to be born, YOU chose that, so now that they're here, do right by them.

Bitch, you got babies! Get yourself a tall glass of ACT RIGHT, with no ice to avoid dilution, before it's too late.

*smooches...looking to offend as many bad moms as humanly possible*
because you should all be ASHAMED of your behavior, dammit!