Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Do Enjoy My Freedom, I Do.

I like that every other weekend my kids are away with their father and I am free to sleep late or roam the streets at all hours without a care in the world. I relish in the fact that if something is going on during the week that I really want to go to, I can ask K to babysit (at only $5/hr) and as long as I'm back at a decent hour everything is cool. And the biggest joy comes with the knowledge that my kids can feed themselves, wipe their own asses and understand and respect my authority.

It's a beautiful thing to be a parent of a grown child, to see them develop into these wonderfully intelligent, self-assured and independent ladies who will surely rule the planet (under El Generalissimo's tutelage, of course) one day.

Still, part of me misses that little baby that needed my body for nourishment, that slept every night tucked into the nook my body made just for her, that giggled with pure heavenly delight at the mere mention of me eating her belly. I miss all of that.

And while I have no intention of bringing another child into this world under my current circumstances, you already know... if the stars align and I become a Mrs. there will be more Jaded babies.


Because these...

...were beautiful days that I'd love to have again.

*smooches...for the ladies that help me realize what's important in life*
When I'm gone, I hope they know it was all for them, so that they could be and do it all.

Why yes, I'm still PMSing... why do you ask?