Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"This Is The Death Of Slumber; Moment Of Silence"

You already know what I'm gonna talk about... ya girl is quadruple booking herself as usual:

But I decided- I'm going to finish all this stuff THIS week so that NEXT week I can take a nap.

Sounds like a plan, right? WRONG. Because next week there'll be another list, and another and another until I flip out and take out everyone in my building. Especially that stupid cat from next door *side eye*

I snapped at my baby today while helping her with her homework. I never feel terrible about scolding these girls unless they don't deserve it. And she didn't deserve it. Momma was just STRESSED. Poor thing cried. I MADE MY BABY CRY! And then I cried. Thankfully K came to the rescue and helped her with her science assignment. Harmony was restored.

I think I see a weekend in Massachusetts/DC/New Jersey in my future. New York is wearing me OUT.

*smooches...with many hours to go before that nap can happen*
oh but it shall be the most glorious nap known to man... you'll see.