Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Not sure if it's a side effect of all the work I have to do or last week's blog vacation or all the event-hopping I've been doing lately, but I completely forgot to post something for today, and even after I realized my faux pas I was hardly concerned.

And that's not like me. I always have something to say and I always stay on top of this blog. I never remember to toss the garbage on the right day, and I buy new clothes rather than do laundry and many times I wait a month in between shampoos, but this blog is my baby. What's going on?

I've been thinking about it all day and you know what I concluded? I'm overwhelmed. Again. As usual. It should be my fucking middle name: Raquel Overwhelmed Penzo, at your service...

Here- let me write that article for you. And yes, I'll help you with your algebra homework and SURE I'll chaperone your school trip and why not... let me edit that for you.

I cannot keep up at this pace. My eating habits have become crappier than ever, the circles under my eyes are RI-DUNK-U-LOUS and I haven't visited my mom in god knows how long; I think since August. Meditating? What's that? Exercise? SPEAK ENGLISH!!

I'm like a chicken without a head over here. You ever seen one? A chicken who's head has been snapped off? It flops about for a bit with blood oozing out of its neck before it collapses. That's what I feel like.

This rant is my blood, oozing all over your computer monitor.

I'm not sure if you want to be around when I collapse.

*smooches... figuring I wasn't so speechless after all*
and for all my bitching and moaning, you know I'll be back tomorrow. Because that's what I do best: write this blog.