Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings W/The Jaded NYer...And No One Else...

So because Mari is a poopie-faced booger mcboogerton an extremely busy teacher and coach, she's unable to co-host this week's episode of Monday Musings, a literary discussion on the book, "Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff.

Normally I'd throw a tantrum and cancel the episode, rescheduling it until further notice but fuck all you hos- I'm going at it alone.

So tune in tonight, especially those of you who read the memoir written by a father about his son's meth addiction, as we discuss the book, methamphetamine and addiction in general. Parents- you'll want to check this out because it really is a sort of cautionary tale on the dangers that are all around waiting to snatch up your child.

Also, there's no guarantee he'll remember, but last month I wrote to Mr. Sheff to tell him about the show, and he responded that if he happened to be in the country and had the time, he'd tune in and/or call in. I'm not holding my breath- he's a very busy man- but it'd be real cool if he did!

Hope to see you all there!

*smooches...taking my addiction addiction to the next level*
I've gone so far as to read a non-fiction book. Which I NEVER do. That's how you know I'm addicted to addictions. *sigh*