Thursday, September 03, 2009

Would You Like A Beverage For Your THIRST?

The other day on Twitter I expressed that I used to think thirsty broads were the worst... until Sunday when I met the THIRSTIEST dude in the history of being parched. EVER. HANDS DOWN.

So I went over to Minnie's for an impromptu BBQ w/friends and family, and one of her co-workers, lets call her CeCe, was there w/her beau du jour. Lets call him THIRSTY.

Oh my god he... I... words... cannot...

Wherever CeCe went, there went THIRSTY right behind her like a poorly trained puppy. As if that weren't bad enough he proceeded to kiss her on her shoulder and neck- ALL IN OUR FACES- despite CeCe's cries of, "STOP. Can you stop for like five minutes? Can you leave me alone for like five minutes?"


Oooh, I was too, too annoyed. And it's not like she was saying "stop" in a playful, girly way because then I'd be like, "That bitch likes it." She was truly as annoyed as I was. Heck, we were ALL annoyed, and I'm not ashamed to say we were talking about them in Spanish. THAT'S how UGH we were feeling- we were reduced to grade school shit and talked about them to their face in Spanish.

What makes someone behave that way? Why? On what planet is it acceptable to paw at someone in mixed company and continue to do so even AFTER you've been repeatedly asked to stop? Why are people so EXTRA when it comes to the opposite sex? Smothering people? Being a shadow? Tits out? Ass out? No panties? What. The. Fuck? Where's the limit?

People, I had to leave my own cousin's house to preserve my sanity, lest I come out face to someone else's man, word to Chris Brown's bow tie! I know I'm extremely guarded and would NEVER let on that I like someone, and that's the other extreme of the spectrum and not a good look, but THIRST? On a man?

Excuse me while I vomit something for this fool to drink...

I mean, I know about my own levels of insecurities and how damaging it has been in my supposed attempts at relationships, but what type of need is trying to be filled by someone that hard pressed to be all up in their partner's face? Did their mommies not hug them enough? Did their daddies not eat at the table with the family? Do I need to take up a collection to get these people some therapy, because I will!

Help me out, folks. What's really happening here?

*smooches...praying to never meet a dude like that*
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