Monday, September 14, 2009

The Latinos Are Coming... And Other Musings...

How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully fun-filled and productive.

And now that the pleasantries are done lets get down to business:

Weightloss? What Weightloss?
I went to a party for Mami's friend's baby, and although they didn't make the Brazilian cheese bread I've been craving for weeks, there was birthday cake. My absolute favorite homemade Brazilian cake.

Of which I had three heaping pieces. Lord help my waistline.

The Latinos Are Coming!
YESSSSS, people, you read correctly! Monday Musings is BACK for real, and tonight Mari joins me to start off season two same as we did last year, with a whole hour dedicated to Latino Heritage Month.

And you will especially want to tune in because throughout the broadcast we will be giving away prizes! You don't want to miss it!

Am I The Only One...
...who never noticed the arrow in the middle of the FedEx logo?

How long has that been there? And why didn't anybody tell me???

*smooches...totally excited about tonight*
this time, Mari and I will know better than to be caught talking shit w/our mics still on after the broadcast. I hope.