Thursday, September 17, 2009

Right Now I Want...

...someone to come over here and handle this messy apartment for me. You ever have a mess so grandiose that you couldn't even fathom where to begin? That's where I am right now.

...Josie to come back to NYC and help me make some sense of my unruly tresses. You guys... I got so desperate I... I... I CUT IT MYSELF!! It was very traumatizing!

...more tango lessons. I stopped at three and now I find myself craving them from time to time. I need more tango lessons in my life. wake up with all the answers I seek. I don't want to have to read any more books on the subject, or seek out any more spiritual centers, or harass the lyrics of my favorite songs to show me the way. I just want to KNOW. hear these songs:

really loud and have a man- a REAL man- take me by the hand to the dance floor and mean it. I won't ever need sex so long as I can have a really great dance for once in my life.

...for my body, mind and soul to heal itself. I'm tired of being sick all the time. And besides, the rest of me is too busy anticipating the new fall line-up on TV to worry about my health.

...a jerk chicken patty with coco bread from the food stand on 165th Street & Jamaica Avenue. Oh my goodness- I can almost taste its spicy goodness! In fact, make that TWO patties... entire carefree month in Santo Domingo, catching up with my family, lounging on the beach in La Romana, drinking fresh coconut water and ogling all the men I can't have because they might be my cousins.

...a do-over for April, May, June and July. I hate about 85% of the decisions I made in those months and would really appreciate another chance to get it right. call a truce with The Voices. I'm not sure when it was that they became my nemeses, because in the beginning we were really good friends, and I want that old thing back. I want some peace among us.

*smooches...pretty sure I'm asking for too much*
but quietly, I'd give up all these wants for JUST the jerk chicken patty. it's THAT GOOD!