Friday, September 25, 2009

Today I Will (9/25/09)

Remember the little self-help book Irene purchased for me? I wrote about it here? Well I read the next exercise; even made the babies participate and it was kind of cute.

Activity #2: Today I will use visualization techniques to improve my outlook.

This exercise challenges you to already see yourself at the finish line. K said she saw herself as a successful author of young adult novels and I think N said something about being in charge of a Nino Brown-esque empire, but I can't be sure...

For me, I saw myself with a more muscular body (not crazy bodybuilder looking, more like Beach Volleyball athlete looking) being more diligent w/my meditation and yoga practice and becoming outdoorsy with my kids (CORRECTION: K does not approve of outdoor physical activities so never mind); running a successful media empire that includes a magazine, film & TV production company, record label and of course this blog and everything else that was born of (from?) it.

I visualized myself as a highly sought-after freelance writer and public speaker on all things media, especially when it comes to publishing. And lets not forget... you'd be able to get my books at Barnes & Noble- I don't know WHY B&N is the end all/be all for me but it is. I just want to walk into the store and see my book on the shelf, and not the discount shelf either. The regular shelf where they put literary fiction. That's where I want my book.

And did I mention that is this visualization I'm married? With two more kids? No? Oh well then forget I brought it up...

*smooches...kinda liking this book after all*
it's still kinda silly but a "useful" silly

and I hope I didn't need to add in there that I'd still be living in Brooklyn, because y'all already know I can't seem to break up with this borough...