Monday, September 28, 2009

They Call Me Ms. Penzo...And Other Musings

Hello my dearest darlings! How was everyone's weekend? Yeah yeah whatever, back to me...

Road Trip, Anyone?
My beautiful baby sister began running this year as a way to get fit, and this weekend she'll be running in her first race in DC- the Army Ten Miler Race at the Pentagon- on October 4th. So you KNOW I'm gonna be there, with a huge GO MARI! placard and, yes, bells on. Because that's the kind of Big Sister I am.

Did I mention Mami, Minnie and Mari's BFF, Carol, are all going, too? And we're all squishing into Mari's Mt. Pleasant studio apt, Dominican style? FUN TIMES!!

Who'd like to join us??

Smarty Is Jaded, Too!
Now I know this pic gonna induce all these "Where's my damn T-Shirt" comments from the peanut gallery, so let me respond to you now: Your T-Shirt is waiting for you to purchase it from the Jaded Online Store, launching on October 1st. Patience, grasshopper, is a virtue...

Black People? On TV? Preposterous!!
Tonight on Monday Musings w/The Jaded NYer & Friends, the newly-Jaded Smarty Jones co-hosts as we discuss this seasons new crop of shows and returning favorites... and their lack of COLOR on "Why You Ain't Got No Black People On Your Show?" A Look at the Fall TV Lineup.

The discussion is as old as the day is long but dammit- if we don't keep making a stink about it no one will ever fix it. Or does it even NEED fixing? Tune in tonight to add your two cents.

They Call Me Ms. Penzo
We all know how incredibly fabulous I am in everything I do, and now so do the higher ups at a certain online college that has just hired this MASTER OF FINE ARTS as one of their new English Composition instructors. YUP. ME. Back in charge of people's education. MUAHAHAHAHA.

But on a serious note, I'm truly elated by this opportunity to teach a class. Although I HATED HATED HATED my job at The Waco School for Girls back in '04, there were some fun classroom moments I still remember. And this new shot at teaching will definitely help me get some cushy professorship later on; that way I can run my Jaded Media Empire but still have medical benefits. YAY, ME!

Xtra Large Mimosas... Because I Hate My Liver
So despite the coma I fell into after downing two Benadryl's with a mudslide chaser on Friday,

I decided that, since I missed the ACENTOS Workshop on Sunday I'd try and meet up w/Eb the Celeb for brunch. And boy did we EVER.

The best part of brunch in NYC is the unlimited mimosa served with the food. But never did we expect them to be this HUGE (that's what she said)!

After about 5 or 6 of these monstrous goblets of alcoholic goodness I was DEE-RUNK off my ass. How drunk? Let's just say I barely made it off the train in time for my stop and dinner didn't get on the table until like 10:00PM. Oh, and there may have been a few inappropriate text messages sent from my phone, but I can't be sure...

*smooches...thinking of embracing sobriety again*
this drinking is starting to impede on my celibacy... NO ES BUENO!