Friday, September 18, 2009

Side Eyes Start Early In These Here Parts

My sweet'ums Celia recently relocated back north from Key West, and although I know she misses the sun & surf Irene and I were VERY HAPPY to have her back in the Empire State and finally meet her adorable baby girl, the newest addition to my Girl Army, Miss Eden.

She was just the cuddliest, chunky, doll-faced angel bear and I really wanted to sneak her into my bag and bring her home with me. Especially after I snapped the cutest photo of her EVER:

Check out that side eye!! Isn't it just the right amount of snark, stankness and femininity?? I feel so proud to know her... she's ahead of the class already!!

*smooches...looking forward to watching her grow up*
my friends just have the cutest kids, y'all don't even know...