Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sisterhood...And Other Musings...

...There's nothing sadder to my loins than seeing a fine, sexy, chocolate brotha...pull out a cigarette and puff away on it like it's cool. It's so not. Right then and there any and all fantasies that were on queue in my mind are shut down faster than a new sitcom starring Latinos on CBS.

...I know age shouldn't matter, but I have a real problem messing with dudes younger than my 25-year-old sister. In fact, when you think of it, any dude under 30 would be hard-pressed to grab my attention for anything more meaningful than a quick grope at the bar or a make-out session at my front door.

...Sisters, we need to make a serious effort to cease all hateration towards each other! I came to this decision a few months back after reading "Black Women Behaving Badly" in Essence Magazine, and it was reinforced by THIS well-written blog post by my Twitter pal, ReinaDeNYC. A light bulb really just went off in my head. We need to uplift one another, OK? I mean, c'mon... we got a Black president, lets see if we can finally get a woman up in this piece!

...I have found the secret to losing weight. All you have to do is be in tune with what your body needs vs what it wants. Honestly. I remember losing crazy weight while hooked up to IVs in the hospital. Why? Because my body was only getting the nutrients it needed vs the ones it wanted. You know what controls the "wanting" part? Your evil brain. That bitch will have you eating Oreos at 3AM because that meth addict on Intervention chose not to go to the rehab facility (don't you worry about why I was watching Intervention at 3AM; worry about you, OK?). As soon as you learn to IGNORE YOUR BRAIN, you will be able to listen to your body.

*smooches...just plumb full of thoughts*
and how are you on this fine Thursday?