Monday, August 31, 2009

Calling All Readers, Old & New

Hello, Hello, HEL-LO!

How are you on this FINE Monday morning? Good? Relaxed? Ready to tackle this week and make it your bitch? AWESOME.

So, um... you know why I'm here, right? YUP. You guessed it- I need stuff.

1- Someone who can record & edit a few vlogs for me, like 5 of them. I have a dope concept in mind and need a semi-professional who doesn't mind being paid in big hugs and home-cooked meals.

2- A smashing good tattoo artist... I can wait no longer for my next tattoo but I need someone to draw it for me 'cause I can't draw for shit.

3- A brizziliant artist in general who can take my branding of The Jaded NYer (merchandise, etc) to the next level. (for payment, see #1)

4- *drumroll please* co-hosts for.....



And I cannot do it without you. Yes, YOU, my co-hosts. Plus topic ideas. New and upcoming artists to feature. Events to promote. Amazing new books to discuss on the air. You know how WE do it...

Last season we had a bit of a tumultuous relationship: many of you forgot to tune in or the show ran too late for you and some of you even bailed on me when it came time to co-host. But the past is the past. It's a brand new year and all previous indiscretions are forgiven. How could I be mad at you? Y'all are like, my lifeline n shit.

Plus we did have a wicked good time. Remember my show w/Jack on internet dating? Or the amazing discussion on Junot Diaz's novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? How about that tribute we did for National Poetry Month? Or the VERY CONTROVERSIAL Mars vs. Venus segment that lit up the airwaves?? Remember??

We can have that old thing back, only better. OK?

So don't be shy; email me at for your chance to be my co-host(ess) with the most(ess) or to be a part of my MEDIA EMPIRE in general.

*smooches...getting back on track with my media domination plans*
don't you wanna come along for the ride?