Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My Intervention Looked Like This

You know I'm obsessed with the show, Intervention, right? Well, Cathi & Nina staged their own version of it for me, demanding I leave Brooklyn for some fresh New England air.

And it worked. Because I didn't cry once while I was there, my appetite woke up and I had a genuine belly laugh that sent me falling to the ground in the middle of the street in typical Raquel fashion.

But riddle me this: who has an intervention...with alcohol? Especially when they knew I hadn't been eating? *STRONG SIDE EYE*

Ladies- I love you so much for it. You'll never know what it meant to me to have a place to go that feels like home.

*smooches...already plotting the next escape up north*
and don't worry; I'll give you readers the full skinny on what went down eventually. I just haven't processed it all yet.