Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"She's Got A Smile That Heals Me..."

I had to bring the song lyrics out just one more time this year for my sweet baby girl, because it's her birthday!

This one right here is going to drive me to smoke meth, I know it, but she will do it in such a cute & adorable way you can't help but love her for it.

I adore her energy and lust for life and yes- even her thuggish ways and smart-ass mouth. I mean, how can I not when she's nothing more than a reflection of me?

Show my baby some love, good people; she turns NINE today!

*smooches...only for N today*
and if you so desire, feel free to send her gift certificates to Build-A-Bear because that is her most favoritest place on earth. Besides being in my arms :P