Friday, August 01, 2008

An Appeal & A Weekend Break

So on the heels of my "strange ailments" post (which was just yesterday, in case your memory sucks as bad as mine), a wicked headache has befallen me. And yes, I had to say it all dramatic like that because this pain is unlike any headache I've ever known...

My Bengali doctor, who I loathe but had to see because there's no one else, is sending me to a neurologist. So I need a break right now to wrap my head around this, pun intended, because y'all know how much I hate/fear doctors. Especially specialists.


In the meantime, I'm gonna need for you to go to Brother Omi's page (CLICK HERE), and read about Army Private First Class LaVena Johnson, allegedly killed by her own fellow servicemen (and I'm only throwing that "allegedly" in there as a courtesy, 'cause you know I *STAY* subscribing to all kinds of conspiracy theories), and how her parents are fighting to get a Congressional investigation to solve their daughter's murder. Because so far, they've tried to say it was suicide.

But read it for yourself... my head hurts even more just thinking about that shit... and then sign the petition; don't let that child's murderers get away with it.

*smooches...looking for any distraction from yet ANOTHER health scare*
I'll be back next week some time; prob Monday. just give me a minute to collect myself...