Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Free Advice For You

Courtesy of your friends here at The Jaded NYer and The Rolling Stones:

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Words to live by, trust me. Once you accept that, everything else is gravy!

(Now that all that seriousness is out of the way, can we please discuss this band, song and video?

1- I want Mick Jagger's haircut. I'm taking this video to Josie this winter after my bangs grow out, I'm dying my hair back to brown and getting this cut!

2- Why does Mick look manorexic? And more importantly, WHY did I see a guy dressed JUST LIKE THIS in CHELSEA, coincidentally, not too long ago?

3- Who's the weird little guy playing the congas? There's no conga player in The Rolling Stones!

4- WHERE IN THE GOOD GOD DAMN did Mick learn those "dance" moves? He looks like he's having a seizure!

5- Did you watch until the very end? Did you seen John and Yoko in the audience? NO? Go back and look, dammit! It made me kinda misty-eyed.

6- This is totally my favorite Stones tune, well besides the very obvious Symphony for the Devil... what's yours?

7- Does anyone even know the names of anyone else in the band besides Mick and Keith? Could you spot them in a line-up? And who is that pinche conga player?!?!

8- All of a sudden, I'm in the mood for some Grateful Dead. And pot.

9- Are the Stones still touring? Does anybody care anymore?

10- As good as they are [were], The Rolling Stones weren't fit to wipe Led Zeppelin's asses. Yeah, I said it... AND WHAT?!?!

Peace and hair grease... see y'all on Monday!

*smooches...rockin out as much as possible all weekend*

let me stop playin... I miss those baby heifers...