Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sense Of Entitlement

NYC subway car. F-train. Rush hour. You're tired 'cause you stayed up to watch the Olympics and then didn't sleep very well after watching Nastia Liukin get robbed of the gold. Again.

You're getting on at Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and aren't departing until West 4th in The Village. All you want is to sit down and read your trashy magazine all the way into work. Maybe even take a quick nap.

But as soon as you get on you see a bunch of people standing up and this:

Ain't that some shit??

*smooches...glad that I got on at Parsons Blvd, when the seats were plentiful*
and I kept waiting for all the new passengers on the train to get on and react to his blatant disregard for the rules... I chuckled all the way to work this morning! Thank you, rude man, for easing me into my day :-D